Looking after yourself is important. You may be supporting others too. Give yourself time to grieve and be kind to yourself, this is a major loss.

Make sure to stay connected. Let others give you a hand if it feels right. Let them know what you need - if you can do that.

Make time to be with others including whānau and friends. If you’re supporting others, make regular time to support yourself as well. Find a support person. This could be a whānau member, relative, friend, community elder or counsellor.

Don’t let a day go by without looking after yourself, even in small ways. 

Physical activity and active relaxing can help channel and express grief. This can provide distraction and time for healing. You may like to exercise, work out or play sports. Walk and talk with a friend.

Take time to find some quiet space. Slow down, relax and breathe deeply. You may not want to do anything at all. This is okay too, but try not to be on your own for too long. 

Do things you find comforting. Work on a project or hobby. Make or create something. Kōrero, read, listen to music. Pray or meditate if you find it helpful.

Spend some time outside in the fresh air and sunlight.

For information on coping with grief, please see Coping - Tiakitanga.

If you’re not sure who to talk to, see Find support - Tautoko.