Victim Support provides a free, 24/7 response service to help family and friends immediately affected by a suicide death.

They can also provide support if you have discovered or witnessed a suicide. Support is provided by support workers, who are specially trained to assist after a suicide. They are supported by a team of bereavement service specialists.

This free service provides emotional and practical support, information, and referrals to other support services. Victim Support can provide you with an information pack called ‘Here for You’. This contains brochures about Coronial Services and coping with grief and trauma. You can download these resources here.

Police will contact Victim Support for you. You can also call Victim Support yourself, or ask them to assist your whānau, family or friends. 

If a Victim Support worker has already been in touch and offered support which was declined, you are still welcome to get in touch and request support at a later date that feels right for you. 

To do this, call Victim Support directly on their 24/7 line: 0800 842 846. You may also like to visit the Victim Support website.