There are processes to follow if your loved one has died overseas.

If a New Zealander dies by suicide while they are overseas, New Zealand Embassies overseas and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade can assist you. For example, they can advise whether burial or cremation are possible, and how to find a local funeral director. They can also advise you how to send the body or ashes back to New Zealand. Any costs have to be paid for by the family or loved ones of the person who has died. 

They can also advise what official processes are required by law. In some countries, a post mortem or autopsy is legally required.

When remains or ashes are being returned to New Zealand, you will need to engage a funeral director in New Zealand and a funeral director in the country where the death occurred to work together on what must be arranged.

Safetravel and the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) have more information about overseas deaths.